The Hatch at On The Rocks

Welcome to The Hatch, our charming seaside coffee haven adjacent to On The Rocks restaurant, where the magic of Blouberg's coastal beauty meets the allure of freshly brewed coffee and delectable baked goods.

Designed as a curbside hatch, it’s the perfect pitstop for those enjoying the splendid Blouberg surroundings – whether you’re a jogger catching the sunrise, a dog -alker meandering along the beach, or simply someone soaking in the serene Blouberg ambiance.

The Hatch is more than just a coffee spot; it’s a testament to the vibrant outdoor lifestyle that defines Bloubergstrand. Here, amidst the backdrop of the stunning Table Mountain and the serene waves, you can grab a perfectly brewed takeaway coffee that complements the crisp sea air. Our selection of baked goods is crafted to delight, featuring an array of pastries and treats that are as tempting as the views.

Ideal for those on the go, The Hatch caters to the early risers, the mid-day strollers, and the sunset seekers. It’s a haven for those who want to quickly refuel without missing a beat of the Blouberg experience. Whether it’s a warm croissant paired with your latte or a quick snack to fuel your beach walk, The Hatch is your go-to for quick, quality refreshments.

At The Hatch, every sip and bite comes with a view. Embrace the charm of Bloubergstrand’s seafront as you enjoy our hospitable service. It’s the perfect stop for those who love to enjoy life’s simple pleasures against one of the most picturesque backdrops in Cape Town.

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